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Due to an unintended hiatus, and equal parts of negligence, this blog is receiving a make over.

In an effort to give this blog some life, please promote us if you can. We want our out-reach to be available to everyone and anyone who may desire it - no problem is too big or too small. And if you have a question, send it in!

So let us help you. (: And expect a few changes to come around in a few days.

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You are who you are.

And people love you for that.

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keepitonthedownlow- said:
so i know you get this alot and probally won't respond.but i just wanted to tell you that your blog is one of my favorite blogs and i absoutly love it.(: ♥

(: I’m glad!

Anonymous said:
Hey! where did you get your cursor? I like it a lot! :)

If you’re talking about my main blog:


Anonymous said:
Freshman at college, made a good group of friends who have been pretty sad about being here lately. Break-ups with boyfriends, homesick you know the usual. Normally I'm good at giving advice, and helping my friends out…but this time I guess I messed up. I told them how it is, you know, you met this kid and four days later you start going out in a serious relationship how long do you really expect it to last. Anyway, they claimed that I was saying these things to hurt their feelings not help them…they are wrong! I care a lot about these girls and they hurt my own feelings saying that. They didn't give me a chance to stand up for myself when I tried to tell them they were wrong…

Do I even bother trying to be their friends? I mean if they were real friends they would accept my apology (which I gave 3 or 4 times), not ignore me right? Just wondering if this is the right thing to do…move on? or try and get their attention again?

(#39) Sounds like you’re really exercising your honesty!

It seems like your friends aren’t accustom to your honesty, and it’s effectively hurting your relationship with them. But you’re nearly correct - if they were your friends, they would accept you for who you are, not because you apologized. Part of making friends is taking people as they come, and not trying to buffer or change their personalities.

If they aren’t too keen on being friends, their loss. Move on, and find a new group who is ready for your sincerity.

Anonymous said:
So I came out as gay to a best-friend of mine and that I really liked him only just a few weeks ago. Ever since then things have become awkward between us and I seem to be having second thoughts about telling him. I am so lost in everything with school and life isn't making much sense. I want us to go back to when we were best of friends, yet I don't think he trusts me with things anymore. I told him everything about my life and how I felt about him during my weakest when I was seriously considering suicide. I am now thinking that it won’t be such a bad idea to take my life during a time like now. Can I ask for some advice before I do something I regret? …

(#38) Don’t let someone’s confusion buckle your progress.

What you did was amazing, powerful, and exceptionally difficult. You did what thousands struggle to do every day, and all because of the same fear you now express. It’s hard and suffocating when the people we trust most with our deepest secrets aren’t the support system we need - especially when you’re also suffering from depression.

I would suggest giving him a little space for awhile. Let him think about what you’ve said, let him really digest it. He may not be ready to talk after such a powerful secret, and you don’t want to make him feel cornered. It’s hard, especially when he’s your strength, and you feel like you need him. If things continue to go downhill, emotionally, I’d suggest seeking a support group, even if its through anonymous boards via the internet. (;

After a little time, once you have had time to heal over the pain of his reaction, try talking to him again. Avoid rushing into anything for his benefit, especially when you were sincere in the past. Give yourself a little breathing room, relax. His behavior is not a reflection of your person, and I’m certain, without a doubt, there are people thankful to have you alive today.

Anonymous said:
i think im depressed. but i dont want to let my mom down. i was supposed to be "the golden child" i was the only hopeful one academically, i tried to take all the high classes. im a senior now, havent started apps, but should. but cant start, cant think, cant do anything, all i do is mourn around. but i owe it all to my mom. i need to prove to her that "she hasnt messed up raising her children" if I get into a good school. i feel like shit every day. i want to suicide. and i know my friends are tired of me being the "emo friend". i cant ask for psychiatrists help because...thats letting down my mom.

(#37) The funny thing about expectations is that we always feel that others expect so much more from us than they really do. Sure, your mother may have verbalized how proud she is to have you as a child, but have you ever honestly asked her, “Mom, do you expect more from me?”

Because chances are, she’d say no.

Your most therapeutic step would be to find a way to stop walking in her shadow. You aren’t a cookie cutter child, and you shouldn’t have to fill her expectations, or what you believe they are. Be the person YOU want to be. You weren’t brought into this world to be anything else.

You should have counselors in your school who can attend to your needs for free. Consider talking to them to sort out some of these emotional barriers and get yourself back on track.

You’re not Atlas, so you don’t need to carry the world on your shoulders.

Anonymous said:
i feel down all the time. it takes so much effort just to get up out of bed in the morning, and even more effort to will myself to be pleasant and talk to people. i don't show it at all during the day, very rarely. people think i'm fine and perfectly happy. but i come home and cry myself to sleep every night. i don't really have any reason to feel like this..but i can't remember ever not feeling that way.
sometimes, i have these huge breakdowns. it'll be like an anxiety/panic attack but then i just feel like i'm going crazy. i wanna break everything and i just scream and cry and my body goes nuts. what's wrong with me..

(#36) My best guess would be you’re suffering from depression.

Depression can occur for many reasons, though you might be victim to hormonal imbalances - male or female, this happens. I would suggest visiting a doctor and discussing it with them. They may be able to prescribe something to at least get your hormones back on track - and it usually doesn’t involve extended periods of medication - just enough to get you back on your feet.

I’m not a fan of using medication to sort out our problems, but in instances like this, where you can’t identify reasons for your lethargic behavior, it may be the only method.

Anonymous said:
When I was really young my cousin told me the story of Bloody Mary (that if you look into the bathroom mirror in the dark and say her name 50 times, Bloody Mary will appear.) I know its not true, and I knew it back then. But ever since I heard the story (I was like 7) I've been creeped out by bathrooms and mirrors especially in the dark. Idk how to make it stop. I'm 16 and the feeling wont go away!

(#35) My least favorite method of therapy is known as desensitization intervention.

The underlying principle of this is having the person do what they’re most afraid of. There are two approaches, one slow, the other cold-turkey, straight into it, but for this, you’d want to set your own pace.

Try and go into the bathroom, and say her name once - with the lights on. Keep doing this, just saying her name, until you work up to that fifty, always with the light on. Then, once you’ve conquered that fear in the safety of the light, turn it out. Leave the door open and let that light from the hall stream in. And then it’s rinse and repeat from there.

Phobias are really difficult to treat unless the party is willing. But if you really want to conquer this fear, it’ll take a lot of dedication, and a lot of strength.

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